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Neurofy Intelligent Veterinarian

your personal 24/7 on-site veterinarian support

Neurofy Digital Veterinarian helps you treat your sick animals by asking questions about symptoms you observe from your animal

Do you need instant help with animal symptoms?

Would you like to have a veterinarian in your pocket 24/7?

Would you like to be able to treat your sick animals instantly?

Would you like to have a journal for your animals so you can share with veterinarian?

Neurofy Digital Veterinarian will first ask for some common symptoms like fever, cold, swelling, etc. It will then process these symptoms using the Machine Learning model to evaluate the possible disease and ask for further symptoms to check the possibility of disease. After evaluating further symptoms Neurofy Digital Veterinarian will find the actual disease using the Machine Learning model.

Coming Soon!

Neurofy Veterinarian ChatBot for Horses